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Joy Productions aspires to empower people with disabilities  to

 enrich and enhance their quality of life by expanding their education,

 naturallycreatively, and joyfully! 


Grow, grow and grow!

Growth is what Joy Productions is all about. Growing knowledge, growing skills, and growing support for the special needs community.



We use the term co-create because that is what we do. With the help of our students we co-create joy, beauty and personal confidence. 

22 with nothing to do!

Schools have mainstreamed special needs into regular classrooms with great success and encouragement. However, public education ends at age 22 for those with special needs. Leaving them in an educational limbo.

"I can do that!"

  Joy Productions is founded on a 'I can do that!' philosophy. 

And we did it!

 A school of arts and science  for 

the special needs community.

"I can do that!" is our motto 

Know and Grow

We offer classes in theater, music, horticulture and video production. All courses offer entry level to advanced classes.

The more you know, the more you grow!

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