About Joy Productions



Joy Productions was created from a desire to experience life to its fullest.  As parents, we look forward to seeing our children grow and learn and experience life in ways maybe we never got to. Or maybe even help co-create some great new memories.  When they are born, we can imagine them walking for the first time, their first words, school sports, band practice, prom or even winning the science contest.

When your child is born with a disability it’s all different from day 1.

When Cassie was born, the doctors wanted to send her to an institute for the rest of her life. We took her home not knowing what was about to happen.

She changed everyone’s life she encountered.

I quickly learned she loved life, people, food and entertaining.

As she grew and went through the new changes in our special needs community, I observed how she grew and how others observed her.

Some were scared, most curious and friendly.

Grateful for the new mainstream program and more hopeful for a better life for people that need a little extra time and attention, but disappointed in the abrupt end at age 22.


There are many new and different challenges, as we are on the leading edge of new beginnings for all of us.

35 years later and there has become a great need for continuous education and support of the special needs community.

A few companies have vision enough to create avenues other than our popular and world supported Special Olympics. Which we love dearly.

Joy Productions strives to expand and add to what has been a great place to socialize, empower and include special needs children, young adults and family members.  By combining two specific science fields that are fun ways to learn and grow.

The science of gardening and theatre production.

I have personally experience powerful emotions through the performances I have seen over the past several years of my daughter and her friends in their dance recitals put on by Special Spotlight Theatre in Melbourne Fl.

The audience is filled with family members that once couldn’t imagine their child dancing to the Lion King or Mama Mia.

It literally empowered a young girl to go from a wheelchair the first year she joined to crutches and on to walking by her third year.

We are bringing this and more to Central Florida.

Join us.