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Gardening in Central Florida


Gardening in Central Florida can be both rewarding and challenging.  We have pretty much year round gardening. We have long summers and short winters. Yes, we have winter. Some of them can be very bitter. Since we have wet cold air that can go right through many layers of clothing. Our summers can be brutal on us as well as on the plants. Extra knowledge and patience help us get through.


Being in Central Florida allows us to grow some plants that have a northern background and some fairly tropical plants also. We are at risk of freezes so we have to choose our tropical plants wisely. 


After spending over 30 years in the horticulture field here in central FL. I have realized that  homeowners watch how landscape companies maintain public landscapes. Most however do not care about proper pruning or design and just want to speed through to keep cost down.


I will share my knowledge and pet peeves do's and don'ts through out the gardening section. I will also share some professional tips on how to make some small changes that can make a big difference in your yard.


Joy Productions has combined our digital media training with horticulture training to bring to you an inexpensive way to create beautiful additions to your home through our DVD and podcasts. As our company grows we will add and improve on our DVD's and podcast along with your suggestions and comments. So feel free to write us at

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