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While working on the first three International Flower & Garden Festivals at Epcot, I was fortunate to be a garden tour guide and garden demonstrator, I found out that many people were very interested in making the beautiful hanging baskets they saw in the parks. When I left Disney I wanted to make it easy for homeowners to get these fantastic baskets.  The key to the bigger baskets is the containers themselves. So I started doing demos & workshops. Then through our special needs production company, Joy Productions, we created a DVD and downloadable version of creating  these big beautiful baskets.


I think most people will be surprised how easy they are to make. In our DVD we walk you through the simple steps to creating four types of baskets made easy with the special  sphagnum moss stuffed baskets. We give you a list of popular plants for the different basket types and different sun  or shade requirements. We also touch on maintenance and natural pest control products.


Persian Shield
Begonia & Bacopa
Helichrysum, Salvia, Zinnia baskets
Spider plant with Chenille
 Angel Wing Begonias baskets
White & Pink Geraniums

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