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Medical Marijuana, the big smoken hot topic of many states these days.


Due to my extensive Horticulture background, Native American Indian ancestry, being born to a farmer and florist, I feel it would be neglectful of me not to talk about the wide variety of uses for hemp and cannabis.


I also acknowledge the negative history or propaganda our government has attached to both. It's embarrassing, at the least, to know our government has known since the 1970's that cannabinoids cure cancer without causing horrendous side effects. It breaks my heart to hear that some people would actually turn down the option to take a natural remedy, with little to no side effect, cure due to the "bad press" surrounding cannabis.  Just look at the environmental pollution our country has and tell me that we don't need bio-degradable products that hemp can be used for instead of plastics or other synthetic material.


I am a plant person, a plant whisperer even. I also have Native American blood running through my veins. I love life and am very much into the use of natural remedies to what ails us. The less synthetic medication we use the better off we will all be. So once the possibility of Medical Marijuana became evident for the state of Florida I decided to do my own research and studying of it. I enrolled in a university in Colorado through an online course with Green CulturED. I love to learn. There where 17 topics of study along with ebooks, videos and assessments.


I was very impressed with the program but I must say I had know idea cannabis and hemp are so beneficial. The plants were put here for us to use to heal sooooo many problems. With NO side effects and NO deaths related to it's use.


I realize there is a negative stigma attached to marijuana and I also realize the purpose of the propaganda. Think about it, our government has know that marijuana actually cures cancer since the mid seventies. How much money do you think has been made from cancer patients since then? How much trash will pile up and never decompose?


PTSD, cancer, tumors, ADHD, seizers, arthritis, fibromyalgia, nausea, and insomnia patients, to name a few, can see relief instantly. The out cry of personal testimonies goes beyond any governmental investigations. Why must we wait for them to catch up. Educate yourself now. Be ready for change.


The benefits also include bio-degradable plastics, yes, bio-degradable plastics, clothes, fuel on and on goes the list of products that can be created from hemp (which is a sister plant to cannabis).


I have several friends and family members that have had some kind of cancer and have suffered through needless treatments that make you wish you were dead and countless medical bills. I listen to people talking about cancer on a daily bases. My heart goes out to them all and if I can only help by educating them then at least I have planted seeds of hope.


So for you that question the use of medical marijuana, I say why don't you question why not? You don't have to smoke it, you can also learn how to cook with it. 


To learn more about Medical Marijuana go to 

Green CulturED's Cannabis College. Don't let ignorance or fear steal another life.







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