Spike Your Orange Juice Not Your Trees

One of my biggest pet peeves for tree work is with Arborist spiking a tree that is NOT coming down. It is a bad and lazy habit of unprofessional tree trimmers. The only reason to spike a tree here in central FL. (most places) is if it is coming down. Arborist that are shady, lazy or just untrained will spike a tree. Remember the spikes the telephone man used to use to spike the poles? Same spikes only on live trees.This leaves open holes for bores to get into which will eventually kill the tree. I have had arguments with tree trimmers that refused to climb a tree without spiking it. I refuse to hire them. They didn't think a woman should know anything about trees. Well sorry guys some of us do know about trees.

close up spike 2.JPG

This oak tree had no reason to be spiked. The branches were low enough for the arborist to use a ladder to get up in the tree to strape in for their ropes and saddles.By the time the tree dies in a few years the managament of the apartments will not remember who did this and will probable call the cheapest crew again.


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